Cake Flavour's Available

Classic Victoria Sponge

Fluffy and light vanilla sponge layered between a smooth vanilla buttercream and the option to add a strawberry jam.

Light Lemon

A zesty lemon sponge that's paired with lemon buttercream and has layers of lemon curd between each sponge.

Cherry Bakewell

Intense almond sponge layered with cherry jam and a smooth vanilla buttercream

Sweet Caramel

A subtle caramel sponge which can be paired with a smooth caramel sauce between the layers and caramel buttercream


Light and fluffy caramel sponge that is layered with biscoff spread centre and a sweet biscoff buttercream - for the real biscoff lovers.

Rich Chocolate

A rich fudgy chocolate cake that is paired with a sweet Belgian chocolate buttercream


Fluffy vanilla sponge filled with crushed Oreos within the sponge and with the option to have a crushed Oreo buttercream or a classic vanilla

Carrot Cake

A moist carrot cake packed with flavour and a fluffy texture, this contains no nuts however there is the option to add nuts!

This is paired with a smooth vanilla buttercream.

Red Velvet

A rich chocolate sponge, red in colour, layered between a smooth vanilla buttercream.

Mix & Match

Like the sound of a specific sponge and buttercream? why not mix & match your flavours!