Collection & Delivery Details 

You will be given a time slot for your collection that suits you providing we can accommodate your request. This will only be a 30 minute window to allow for traffic etc.

We will discuss the best time for your collection, AM or PM and this is where we will confirm a collection time 

Please don't arrive excessively early or late to your booked time slot as I may not be available. 

if you are running late please just pop us a message to let us know your approx. arrival time.

We do also offer delivery however this will depend on your location, this will depend on the availability for the date and you will incur a small fee depending on your location.

How to transport your order

Please ensure you have the aircon on in your car if the weather is warm to ensure the cake stays chilled

Your cake will be stored in the fridge up to your collection time to ensure it is firm and set to transport. This is also another reason why we provide collection time slots.

Do not travel with the cake on your seat or holding the cake, it is best transported on a level floor or in your boot. If the cake is transported on your chair the layers are likely to slide. 

Please do not leave your cake sat in your car and go shopping/stop anywhere after collecting as this can cause the buttercream to soften.

If you are taking your cake home and it is sitting before traveling to another destination please ensure you chill in the fridge for at least an hour before transporting again.

Storing the cake before slicing, please store your cake in the fridge or in a cool dark room away from any direct sunlight or radiators - remember buttercream melts!! 

Once the cake has been collected from us we are not liable for any damage however we will be happy to help fix any issues if possible for a small fee depending on the situation and availability. 

Once sliced, store in a airtight container and eat within 4 days of slicing.